Water Management

Africa Utility Solutions (AUS) understands the secondary effects of water management problems such as hyacinth weed formulations and water contamination in the mining sector problems in South Africa. Hyacinth removal services, acid mine drainage water solutions and dredging equipment are additional services that AUS can add to any of its focal water turnkey solution deployments.

Hyacinth removal

Water Hyacinth grows at a rapid rate and forms huge populations and are visible as a green cover on any affected water body surface.

It is considered to be the worst aquatic weed in the world with a single plant being able to develop rapidly into a significant infestation. The weed moves easily with water currents, winds or other accidental means, such as fishing nets and boats and it invades rivers, canals, ponds, lakes, dams and other freshwater bodies. The major effects of dense populations of hyacinth are:

  • evapotranspiration
  • the impediment to water flow, that increases sedimentation, causing flooding and soil erosion
  • the obstruction of navigation
  • a drastic change in the physical and chemical properties of water and in the environment in the water bodies invaded with detrimental effects on plants and animals

To avoid the effects and probems as listed above, AUS is equipped to execute under water and surface extraction of aquatic weeds and plants. In most cases the inclusion of the AUS water hyacinth removal and dredging services can be seen as preliminary phases to the implementation of the AUS eutrophication solutions.

Dredging services

AUS is equipped to execute dredging of varous types of water bodies and rivers with the use  of their cutter suction dredging vessels.

These dredging and weed harvesting exercises can be executed in consecutive phases of each other or independently.

The AUS supplied dredging equipment can also be used in offshore and river dredging, hard riverbed mining and water way improvements. These cutter suction dredging machines can also be coupled with ore dressing equipment to enable the extraction of gold, iron ore and other minerals.