Waste Water and Water Treatment Solutions

Waste water treatment plant remediation through the use of proprietary Biotechnical Solutions

The SIS.Bio Biotechnology Solution Platform (BSP) has rehabilitated and restored WWTWs and water bodies in South Africa,  that have been dysfunctional and non compliant for years, and brought them back to original design capacity or better, while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for discharged effluent.

Specific interventions include:

  • Restoring functionality to anaerobic digesters full of solid sludge;
  • Restoring functionality and reducing electricity consumption to activated sludge and BNR tanks;
  • Restoring functionality to biofilters; and
  • Making simple pond systems and water bodies functional, sustainable, and free from sludging up, free from odour, free of mosquitoes and a viable, affordable, sustainable type of WWTW.

We have independent data and reports validating that BSP interventions have attained Green Drop General Limit compliance for non-compliant plants.

Basic sanitation solutions

In addressing the dire need for better sanitation solutions, the BSP enables the digestion of organic sewage waste, eradication of unwanted odours and insects, and thereby reinstates the integrity of those that use pit or VIP toilets in indigent South Africa today. AUS has proven this in a number of projects where their solution adaptation to basic sanitation has been welcomed by users of these facilities.

Eutrophication solutions for dams, reservoir’s and ponds

Eutrophication is degrading bulk water resources globally and South Africa is home to one of the world’s most Eutrophic bodies, Hartbeesport Dam. Worsening eutrophication increases the cost of potable water purification and eventually renders this impossible, reducing the availability of drinking water. AUS is the African distributor of the only proven scalable eutrophication solution in the world.

Rapid Deployment Plants

South Africa is a water scarce country with high levels of poverty and poor sanitation infrastructure. Most South Africans do not have access to water borne sanitation which has an impact on hygiene and the health and the welfare of millions of people.

At Africa Utility Solutions (AUS) we offer containerised mobile waste and potable water treatment plants that can be operated independently or in series to produce compliant treated waste or potable drinking water.

Unitised WWTW plants

Stage 1: Holding water: raw water from lakes, ponds or ground water flows into a holding tank.
Stage 2: Pre treatment: removal by physical separation of grit, sand and large objects, and pre treated by filters.
Stage 3: Ultrafilter: the ultra-filtration membrane for the removal of bacteria, viruses and fine suspensions.
Stage 4: Dosing: disinfects the water and stores it into a tank
Stage 5: Output: discharge piping to the water storage body, natural water stream or dam, or in residential applications the discharge back to households


These rapid deployment plants can also be used in series to a unitised or rapid deployment potable water treatment plant to produce blue drop limit compliant drinking water.

The Benefits of the Rapid Deployment WWTW and or Potable Water Treatment:

  • Installation within three to nine months
  • Footprint is 10%to 20% that of traditional Waste Water Treatment Plant Construction
  • General limit compliance
  • Can be used:
    • parallel to municipal waste water treatment plants
    • in private spaces such as Real Estates; corporate buildings / business parks / hotels / at mining waste water treatment plants / residential areas
    • and in healthcare to address recycling of water at Hospitals / prisons
  • Construction costs are 10 to 50% of traditional plant construction costs
Water desalination solutions

AUS is able to provide complete solar and hybrid salt water desalination plants.The Benefits of desalination:

  • Enables us to provide people with clean & fresh drinking water.
  • Provides additional water to the agricultural industry.
  • The Water quality is safe and not dangerous or hazardous to any living thing being
  • Helps preserve current freshwater supplies.

Benefits of AUS solar desalination plant:

  • The cost of solar distillation is very different from that of Reverse Osmosis and MSF
  • The Initial investment is highest cost, but once the system is operational, it is extremely cheap to maintain.
  • The energy utilised has little or even no cost if the system runs completely off solar radiation

Most of the initial cost is determined by the land value as large amounts of land space is required for a solar desalination plant.

Smart leak management system

Non-revenue water losses and non-payment are two major problems that exist over and above the stressed availability of water supply in South Africa today.

Smart leak detection & isolation

The most effective way to manage water infrastructure is to install SMART water management and metering devices at different intervals within any pipework network. The benefits of this include:

  • Identifying the percentage of leaks as specific mass flow losses within the pipework network:
  • Real time remote monitoring that can be viewed on a single integrated dashboard and can be used to view ll losses and identify the specific areas where these occur; and
  • Real time monitoring that enables the monitoring & evaluation of systems or framework performance and in turn results in the formulation of priority matrices for pipework replacement strategies in aged infrastructure frameworks.
Smart mass balancing using remote smart monitoring technology

SMART mass balancing implementations require metering and measurement hardware devices for bulk and residential consumers and communication to our remote back end AMI system. Africa Utility Solutions not only provides the technical framework necessary for water balancing but also have complete real time vending solutions for all STS water meter devices. We at AUS, are presently gearing to incorporate our solutions to be compliant to the STS 6 standard and be equipped with NBIOT communication capability.




The above depicted Process map schematically represents a typical water usage audit and water balancing baseline formulation

High Level Tech Analysis

Smart leak management solutions are a key deployment that enable any municipality, water authority or private client to accurately determine mass flow corrections and relate these to corrective billing through the integration of smart prepaid vending and billing systems.