Rapid Deployment Treatment Plants

At Africa Utility Solutions (AUS) we offer containerised mobile waste and potable water treatment plants that can be operated independently or in series to produce compliant treated waste or potable drinking water.

Unitised WWTW plants


These rapid deployment plants can also be used in series to a unitised or rapid deployment potable water treatment plant to produce blue drop limit compliant drinking water.

The Benefits of the Rapid Deployment WWTW and or Potable Water Treatment:

  • Installation within three to nine months
  • Footprint is 10%to 20% that of traditional Waste Water Treatment Plant Construction
  • General limit compliance
  • Can be used:
    • parallel to municipal waste water treatment plants
    • in private spaces such as Real Estates; corporate buildings / business parks / hotels / at mining waste water treatment plants / residential areas
    • and in healthcare to address recycling of water at Hospitals / prisons
  • Construction costs are 10 to 50% of traditional plant construction costs