Smart City and Revenue Enhancements Solutions

AUS is able to deliver products for revenue enhancement, smart metering and communication solutions for water, electricity and gas; including prepaid vending and postpaid billing systems for electricity, water and gas.

The AUS SMART Division formulates and implements specific smart solutions which incorporate the following technology streams:

  • Smart metering and revenue enhancements for water, gas and electricity including wi-fi broadcasting functionality.
  • The AUS Smart vending platform has the added ability for consumers to  purchase pre-paid data, which in turn increases the reality for any consumer to be able to manage their smart home solution – allowing you to connect to your alarm, appliances, TV’s and all smart devices via a smart mobile APP.
  • The AUS Smart Mobile APP allows consumers to purchase credit, monitor real time usage, and check historical transactions, all on a SMART mobile device.
  • The AUS SMART Leak detection solution forms part of the AUS smart water master plan; it allows municipal and private clients to monitor usage, increase revenue through prepaid deployments and also isolate any water mass flow losses within any water framework.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Airtime and bill payments
  • Disaster management in the event of natural disasters such as flash floods and large scale fires whereby emergency evacuation procedures, smart messaging and street lighting can be used to communicate to and manage those disaster affected people and areas.